Welcome to the Blackburn Company. Through decades of working, living and striving in the oil, gas and energy industry, The Blackburn Company LLC (“The Blackburn Company”) has become the premier energy and natural resource advisory firm and transaction facilitator.

The Blackburn Company has over 35 years of experience and expertise working in the oil, gas and energy industry. Because of this, The Blackburn Company has one of the most extensive networks of contacts across all levels and phases of the energy sector. This includes landowners and landowner groups, industry leaders and executives, senior engineers and leaders in geology and the geosciences, investors and investment firms, as well as executives and owners of the nation’s premier Land/Leasing firms. The Blackburn Company has extensive knowledge in exploration & production, midstream, all land/leasing functions, deal sourcing and oil and gas transactions (Buy and Sell side), all of which have involved conventional and unconventional resource plays throughout the eastern U.S.

The Blackburn Company specializes in:
• Actively involved in all phases of mineral and royalty buying and selling
• Offering premier Land/Lease functions, including lease transactions,
  due diligence, curative work, title and heirship research, as well as
  Land/Lease system creation, oversight and maintenance.
• Facilitating transactions (Buy or Sell side)
• Sourcing business opportunities
• Participating in and/or consulting on oil and gas investments and joint ventures
The Blackburn Company is located in Canton, Ohio and has direct access to all phases and disciplines of the oil, gas and energy industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your goals. Thanks

About our Founder
The Blackburn Company was formed by Mark H. Van Tyne (its President/Managing Member). With over 35 years of extensive experience in the energy business, primarily in the oil and natural gas sector, Mr. Van Tyne has established an unprecedented network of contacts throughout the oil and gas industry. These contacts vary from some of the highest ranking regulatory officials in various states and jurisdictions to numerous property owners and business owners/executives. Because of Mr. Van Tyne’s diverse background and understanding of the energy business, he has worked with and understands many disciplines, including contracts, land/leasing, engineering applications, geologic principles, mid-stream and accounting. As an oil & gas executive, business owner and industry leader, Mr. Van Tyne has proven expertise in creating significant value, including playing a key role in realizing triple-digit returns for equity holders. Over the years Mr. Van Tyne has established a successful entrepreneurial approach to strategic planning, business development, negotiations and deal-making, land/lease functions, and acquisitions and divestitures.

Honesty, integrity and respect are the cornerstone of Mr. Van Tyne’s business practices. Mr. Van Tyne believes that doing anything exceptionally well requires commitment and perseverance. The results of such efforts are those things that bring high regard and stand the test of time. The Blackburn Company is driven to provide exceptional services, relationships and results. Anything less, would not be worth the effort.

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