Business Development

The Blackburn Company has years of experience in developing businesses through joint ventures, industry deals/trades, sourcing opportunities, and helping with strategic growth.

Joint Ventures, Deals and Trades

The Blackburn Company has experience, including directly negotiations, with most forms of industry contracts that can help your organization grow and prosper. Some of these contracts include:
  • AAPL Form 610 Operating Agreements (and COPAS Agreements)
  • Farm-out/Farm-in Agreements and other industry trade arrangements
  • Exploration/Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) Agreements
  • Joint Venture/Participation Agreements
Deal Sourcing
Because of our extensive network of contacts and resources throughout the oil, gas and energy industry, we can provide an unparalleled source of business opportunities. Most contacts are high-level deal makers/negotiators, including principals.

Contact The Blackburn Company today to find out how we can help grow your company by sourcing business opportunities, as well as working directly with you throughout contract negotiations, preparation and administration.

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