Consulting and Land Services

As an advisor, The Blackburn Company provides consulting services from all forms of oil and gas joint ventures and contract negotiations to document content and preparation, as well as land/records system format, design and implementation and other services. To that end, The Blackburn Company achieves results in the following areas:

Negotiation: With decades of negotiating deals from oil & gas leases to multi-state exploration agreements and large asset-based Purchase and Sale Agreements, The Blackburn Company achieves the most beneficial results for its clients. In addition, its broad knowledge and understanding of contemporary drilling and exploration methods (including midstream functions) significantly assists with understanding the implications on deal terms. The Blackburn Company is able to gain negotiating advantages due to a strong knowledge and understanding of:

» Geologic terms/concepts    » Drilling/completion techniques
» Engineering applications    » Markets/marketing conditions
» Accounting principles    » Midstream functions

Documentation: The Blackburn Company: 1) is highly adept at drafting and preparing all forms and phases of oil and gas contracts/agreements, including schedules and exhibits; 2) is proficient at reducing verbal agreements and concepts to a clear/concise written form; 3) understands legal issues and ramifications, which leads to provisions that safe-guard our client.

Specialized Oil and Gas Contracts/Agreements:
• AAPL Form 610 Operating Agreements (and COPAS Agreements)
• Farm-out/Farm-in Agreements and other industry trade arrangements
• Exploration/Area of Mutual Interest (AMI) Agreements
• Rights of Way and other surface related agreements
• Joint Venture/Participation Agreements
• Pooling/Unitization Agreements
• Purchase and Sale Agreements
• Divisions of Intereste
• Oil and Gas Leases

Administrative, Regulatory, and Legal Processes:

Records/Record Keeping
Experienced at establishing and maintaining records system, including monitoring key obligations, specialized terms, and royalty/rental payments, as well as the application of drilling proposals, election and consent provisions.

Understanding and experience of regulatory environment throughout Appalachian Basin, including experience with permits, permitting and other compliance requirements.

Litigation input and support, including interrogatories, documentation, mediation, depositions and expert witness.

As an Oil and Gas Land/Lease Service provider, and based on decades of experience contracting with numerous upstream and midstream service providers, The Blackburn Company is uniquely qualified to provide an array of Land Services tailored to the oil and gas industry. Whether you are engaged in the upstream/E&P sector or the midstream sector, The Blackburn Company can assemble a team to fit your needs. The Blackburn Company’s expertise includes the following:
  • Take-Offs/Lease Checks
  • Abstracting Oil and Gas Title
  • Abstracting Mineral and Royalty Title
  • Securing Qualified Drilling Title Opinions
  • Division Order Title Opinions
  • Unit Title Opinions
  • Curative for Oil and Gas Title
  • Curative for Mineral and Royalty Title
  • Oil and Gas Lease Acquisitions
  • Pre-Drill Site Work and Consents
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Damage Settlements
  • Roadway Agreements
  • Pipeline Rights-of-Way
  • Mapping and GIS Services
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