Transaction Advisory Services

Acquisitions and Divestitures:
The Blackburn Company has decades of direct experience and know-how in nearly all phases of Asset-based acquisitions and divestitures.

      Expertise on the Sell side
      1. Marketing of sales material, including formulation of “teasers”
      2. Sourcing buyers
      3. Data room content
      4. Conducting Management presentations, including compilation of presentation material
      5. Preparation of sale documents, including exhibits/schedules
      6. Conducting Pre-Closing, Closing and Post-Closing events

      Expertise on the Buy side
      1. Sourcing acquisition opportunities
      2. Coordinating and attending data room visits
      3. Valuation of Land/Lease components
      4. Working with Engineering and Geologic valuation teams
      5. Coordinating due diligence and title assessments
      6. Involved in Pre-Closing, Closing and Post-Closing activities

Expertise in multiple aspects of Asset-based acquisitions and divestitures, including:

» Purchase and Sale Agreements    » Documentation
» Escrow arrangement and agreements    » Sourcing buyers or sellers
» Data room content and presentations    » Curative efforts and documents
» Oversight and preparation of schedules/exhibits    » Coordination of due diligence and title assessment

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